Alicia Felberbaum

visual artist

EXPONDO [2010]

Video 06″00‘ 

“Social blindness” blocks out the view of the maintenance workers’ daily routine around our cities. Their presence is hardly acknowledged while  their personal identities are lost.
EXPONDO was recorded at 29ª Biennale de São Paulo, Brazil, a space dedicated to the appreciation of the visual. The biennale is an international exhibition space where a wide audience transits to appreciate contemporary art works. The cleaning and security staff, that interacts daily to maintain  those spaces, is practically invisible.
In EXPONDO, Alicia Felberbaum attempts to recover the worker’s visibility highlighting their routine movements and presenting them as art performance acts.



May 18: TOPOVIDÉOGRAPHIES, Montreal, Cananda

March 10 – April: Collaborative Work, George Waters Galler, Elmira College Campus Center. Elmira, NY. USA.

December 01-12: Traffic Jam#1: São Paulo. Espaço Matilha Cultural, São Paulo, Brazil // group exhibition

Images from EXPONDO, the Performance by Suia Legaspe at the opening night December 01, Traffic Jam#1: São Paulo. Espaço Matilha Cultural, São Paulo, Brazil   more…

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