Alicia Felberbaum

visual artist

ECVP VOL 03 | São Paolo |

The new volume of the EXQUISITE CORPSE VIDEO PROJECT has its Brazilian premiere next Tuesday, May 24th, at the Atelier397 in São Paulo. The screening will be followed by a live streaming performance by the artists Niclas Hallberg and Stina Pehrsdotter.
“…  just a quick not to say that we had a wonderful screening yesterday, a lot of people showed up (about 60, which crowded the space, very good for a Tuesday night) and they watched the film with a lot of focus. we had some interesting comments, it seems like this corpse has a better flow, probably because it’s one single long movie. also we have some recurrent themes/images, which is always a mystery to me. I plan to upload it as soon as we finish it (still 3 artists left to work). after the screening, we had a live performance by a local duo, and then the streaming performance by Niclas and Stina. by then the crowd had diminished, but people stayed until the end. not me though, I had to leave after 30min of their performance. well renata padovan and marcelo amorim, who are also from the ECVP, can comment more, they were there too. btw, Atelier 397 is probably the coolest artist run space in São Paulo, and it’s run by Marcelo Amorim. so thanks to him to promote this screening! xoxo ” Kika

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