Alicia Felberbaum

visual artist

Performance by Suia Legaspe




The Ninja Effect ?

What happens when we wear an uniform? Do we loose our identity?

I looked into the dressing room’s mirror and I did not see myself reflected. I entered into the gallery space holding the broom and wearing rubber gloves as arriving into a surgical room, transfixed, efficient, professional. While performing my task, methodically wiping the floor already quite clean, I felt empowered taken over by an enormous feeling of freedom with no need to look sideways or to communicate with anyone. After all, it was as if I was not there. Even for people that knew me my face became unrecognisable. There was no connection between two eyes looking at two different eyes: the end of eye contact.

Through the outline of my body I felt the closeness and warmth of other bodies. They passed me by and proceeded without noticing my presence. Gradually I became more daring sweeping the floor in front of the screen where EXPONDO was been projected showing other women cleaning. I started to respond to their movements by alternating with their rhythms and later I attended a performance in the adjacent room holding my broom as a sword. Brazilians in general are expansive, they speak with everyone … Nothing… nobody noticed me.

After the event ended, in the street talking with friends trying to decide where we were going to eat, I felt a chill. I looked and saw nothing unusual. Were there any Other invisible bodies walking around us? Text by Suia Legaspe

EXPONDO: Performance by Suia Legaspe at the opening night December 01, Traffic Jam#1: São Paulo. Espaço Matilha Cultural, São Paulo, Brazil

The night of the opening Espaço Matilha Cultural, São Paulo, Brazil